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    Introduction of huawu terminal block
        Huawu series combined terminal block has novel design reasonable structure. The special design of the part of fixed position can easily and quickly install each pole’s terminal on the type NS35/7.5or NS32standard installing rail. Closed nail guiding hole can make common screw knife operate easily and can also prevent nails from loosening to fall down. Through the middle of terminal’s center contact piece or inserting basiconic connecting-wire hole’s insertion contact piece,piece,realize the potential distribution among terminals,the two sides of the top use white mark system to realize unified mark.The terminals with several section grade are equipped with general accessories,such as end cover partition,division plate,separating plate and so on.The material of insulating shell uses engineering plastic-polyamide(nylon66) with high mechanical strength and excellent electric performance and excellent elasticity.
    Universal terminal block is used in the connection of common electrical circuits,choose the terminals with different specifications to save space and cost according to the special-wire section (the maximum is 35mm2). Universal terminal is mainly used in connecting - ground and connecting- neutral line,and has the corresponding specification terminal’s current withstand.The technical demands of contacting resistance,corrosion-proof connection point, yellow and green sign, and registered circuit distinguish can meet the related stipulation of the standard concerned.

    Universal high current terminal blocks guarantee big section special-wire’s reliable connection on the structure of design arris inserting pressing-wire frame with slot to guarantee the connecting surface has low volume transition resistance after connecting wire,use elastic element go realize the self-lock of nail.

    Special terminal block connects two or more wires to a comnbined terminal to solve the potential distribution in the circuit, especially,it is more sutiable that there are big difference between the wire type and section dimension.

    Double-level terminal block’s connecting-wire capacity is twice than universal terminal in the same space’s position.There is 2.5mm space between the up and down layers,it has clear orderliness in visual sense,meanwhile,under the condition of up-layer wiring, screwdriver is easy to do wiring work in the down area,and with clear mark.


    The design feature of fuse terminal block is that it use breaking revolving-arm to connect G type fuse with easy operation and the shell use full-closed security.The terminal with light gives the switch-off signal of fuse.

    Test type terminal’s movable metal piece which has the function of switch can bear max working current through terminal pressing-wire frame,use screwdriver to relax the nails when shifting.Move the slide block and see the switch position to form test connection.Don’t stop operating if testing current.


    Knife disconnect type terminal uses knife to break the circuit.Its function is also to test terminal,small contact resistance,carrying current can reach 16A,knife buttons are orange and very clear.
    Series HUAWU combined terminal block has complete range of accessories,through the accessories with small volume and easy to install,make the series products save the installing space and operate easily whatever all the connection purposes of the desire for meeting all kinds of circuit demand.Except the use way of each typical accessories and its implement function.Other accessories in the product introduction have their special advantages.Each type of accessories fully consider all kinds of circuit’s demand and the convenience and safety of usage on the structure of design.When a thin terminal wants to realize more two functions,it must be equipped with several a ccessories.

    Insertion contact piece is the way of using basiconic connecting-wire hole to form contact terminal group but can not be connected in the middle of terminal .It must be pressed under the wire ,so the connection space will reduce a grade of wire section 10 poles of every group can be separated freely, with plastic insulating level in the back in order to prevent voltage surge. Partition plate is used in separating each terminal group,with the double result of division visual and electric separation.

    The end fixed piece,is for mounting on installing rail of and ,make fixed position for the sides of terminal block.

    Test plug with the φ2.3 and φ4 specification and the corresponding test socket(install on terminal conducting piece center’s screw hole)form test connection,which can check all kinds of electrical parameter of working terminal.Test plug handles have eight colours to choose.
    Mark strip is mainly used for marking each terminal’s sequence among terminal block or sign of the wire connection point in the corresponding circuit.Every strip is 10 bit,which can print digital and letters or other mark content in transverse and vertical direction.After installing the terminal group into the block ,be installed quickly in the marking groove at the top of two sides. Insulating spacer can used in adjacency contact terminal group’s object and electr-ical separation.All contact terminal group’s two sides must install insulating spacer.It can insert after installing the connecting-wire terminal block,which can not effect the whole space.
    Center connection piece is used in connecting adjacency terminal to form contact terminal group.Each 10 pole of one group,which can be divided freely.Add short piece to realize over 10 pole’s contact combination.Use nail with insulating sleeve to fix terminal conducting piece. Jumper contact piece is used in stepping over any pole to contact nonadjacency terminal in the middle of terminal to cross under contact group.Contact point use copper conducting block to realiza the electrical connection between contact piece and terminal electric conductive piece and fix with insulating sleeve and screw.
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